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About Me

I studied Philosophy at St Stephen’s College, Delhi, and Sociology at the Delhi School of Economics, Delhi University.

Currently, I write in diverse genres for various clients and also write independently on different web platforms.
In the process of building my career, I learned at least two valuable lessons. First, it is not for your personal satisfaction alone that you write, rather you write for others, pretty much like any other professional who works for others.

The second important lesson for me is the importance of a unique way of telling a story.

I live in Delhi along with wife and two kids. I am most likely to be spotted in my chair fiddling with the keyboard nearly any time of the day or night, seven days a week unless my wife drags me to some silly family or social function, literally by collar.

I subscribes to the Buddhist philosophy of silence and the Gandhian philosophy of passive resistance because I found that after wasting all their energy in shouting and in theatrics, the opponents are left drop-dead exhausted, while you remain energetically smiling to your glory.